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Cross and sunset

Our Essential Message:

Forgiveness Through the Cross

  • God is the Creator of every person.  Therefore, each one will give an account of their life to Him in the judgment.  Romans 2:6
  • God’s judgment will reveal that the things people do fall far short of God’s perfect standard because people are not naturally good, but are born as sinners.  Romans 3:23
  • As a consequence, our sin requires God’s Holy justice to place us under the penalty of physical and spiritual death (hell).  Romans 6:23
  • In spite of human effort, no one can save himself from sin’s penalty by trying to earn favor with God through morality or religion.  Ephesians 2:8-9
  • Though we cannot save ourselves, there is good news!  Jesus Christ provided the only way of salvation by dying on the cross as the substitute for our sin.  Romans 5:8
  • If you will turn from your sin and accept Jesus by believing that He died in your place, God promises to forgive you, save you from His wrath, and give you eternal life.  Mark 1:15, Romans 10:13

Read a more detailed explanation from the Bible about how a sinner can become right with the Holy Creator God of the Universe.

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