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COVID-19 March 26 Update

Dear FBBC Family,

It is so strange to be away from one another for several weeks!  Thank you very much for keeping in touch with one another and continuing to serve one another in love in the midst of this strange and trying time in our country.  We are anticipating that our current course of action may change in the next few weeks, but we are waiting on the Lord and seeking to be careful and wise about when we choose to come together again.  I want to reiterate that neither the federal nor state government has mandated that we not meet, but we are doing so out of our love for one another and for our community.

We need not be fearful because we know our God is in control and is doing His will in the heavens and the earth. Daniel 4:35 says, “He does according to His will in the host of heaven and among the inhabitants of earth; and no one can ward off His hand or say to Him, ‘What have You done?’”

We do not always understand what God is doing, but we do know that He is in control and is exercising His perfect will. It is our privilege to know Him and to trust His good will, even during times of great testing. Let’s stay faithful and look forward to the time when we can come together again. I miss the joy of seeing you all and talking with you, singing with you, fellowshipping together around the Word of God and in the Name of His Son Jesus Christ!

Please read the following announcements carefully.

1. CANCELLATION OF ALL EVENTSFalls Berean Bible Church has decided to cancel ALL church events for this Sunday, March 29, through Saturday, April 4.

This cancellation includes the following:

Sunday, March 29 – All Lord’s Day Services and Fellowship Dinner

Wednesday, April 1 – Kids4Truth & Prayer Meeting

Saturday, April 4 – Teen Activity

2. SERMON FOR SUNDAY, MARCH 29: I am preparing a sermon for our church again for this coming Sunday. From feedback we received about last week’s sermon experience, those who downloaded the sermon earlier Sunday were able to watch easily, but those who tried to watch midday and later had difficulty, likely due to the overwhelming use of the Sermon Audio site at that time. To try to help the situation, we plan to send a Sermon Audio link to the sermon on Saturday so that you can download it earlier in preparation for watching Sunday. I trust this week’s message will be an encouragement and help to you.

3. GIVING: Monthly Budget: $15,500. March Giving Total: $15,188. Thank you for giving to the Lord’s work as you are able through this time. It is a blessing to see the Lord providing through our church and for our church. You may continue to send tithes and offerings to the church’s address: 1736 Bailey Road, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221. Any giving will be counted by our deacons and helpers and deposited on a regular schedule.

4. FACILITY CLEANINGThanks to work by Jack Tomlins and Daniel McLean, the church building has been cleaned and disinfected to try to limit the spread of any germs remaining in our facility as much as possible. We would ask that no one enter the building until we reopen for church use. If you need to enter the building, please contact one of the deacons.

5. COMMUNICATIONThe deacons and I are working hard to continue to reach out to our church family while we are apart. Please do not hesitate to let us know as you have physical and spiritual needs. We want to minister to our church in any ways we can right now.

6. PRAYERAs we are apart, please continue to pray for our church, our sister churches, our missionaries, Governor DeWine, our nation, those suffering from the flu or the coronavirus, the elderly, those with weaker immune systems, those who work in healthcare environments, and organizational leaders regularly assessing these changing situations and seeking to make wise decisions. One way to practically encourage a fellow believer is by calling them and praying together over the phone.

7. 5TH SUNDAY PRAISE OPPORTUNITY: We will miss the chance to testify in person to one another this coming Sunday about what the Lord is doing in our lives, but we would like to collect testimonies in the next couple of days and share them with our church family. Please take a few minutes to praise the Lord for what He has done for you—write out what He is teaching you from His Word, what you’ve been learning about Him during this unusual time, a verse that has become a blessing. Perhaps there is some way in which God has worked in your life that you’d like to share with all of us. This is a great way to fellowship with one another right now, and I trust hearing from one another in this way will be very encouraging.

In Jesus Christ,
Joel Huffstutler, Ph.D.
Senior Pastor

Falls Berean Bible Church
1736 Bailey Road
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221